This toilet is changing my life. It has a heated seat. And a wash button. And a blow dryer thing. That’s heated. I’ll stop there.

I feel like I should add one more thing…my affection for this is not perverted in any way…just clean. You just feel clean. I would like to share this toilet with all of you.

On another note…


If you like fried chicken, you should try frying it in coconut oil. It was my first time, and seemed to be easier than frying in lard or any other kind of oil. And it taste better and it’s healthier. We are starting to have a little addiction to coconut oil, and the toilet, and even make pop corn with it (the coconut oil, not the toilet)….and then add a stick of melted butter on top when it’s finished popping….our addiction to butter started years ago.




6 responses to “Bidet

  1. Ryan has been wanting a bidet for years. This post has made me see why. Also, I LOVE coconut oil. Have you read all of the amazing benefits of using it???

  2. Y’all are so fancy!! Only the wealthy people in Levelland had bidets! :) and does coconut oil make stuff taste like coconut??

  3. Cassie-I know some of the benefits but I’m sure there are more to learn. We really like Sally Fallon and her philosophy…also, our neighbor in searcy read the book, “Eat Fat to Lose Fat” and loved it. She was using coconut oil for everything and even taking a tbsp often throughout the day.

    Amanda–we really aren’t fancy…it’s just the new place that we are staying for a few months until we find something more permanent. And to me, it kind of does make it taste like a little coconutty. It’s so good!

  4. Thank you for clarifying that your love for the toilet is not perverted. I had my concerns;) I love that you so openly love butter.

  5. I tried Coconut Milk and nearly died of disgust. Being that I am basically a discarded food receptacle this is saying a lot. Am I going to die 1,000 deaths again with C. Oil?

    You probably have the cleanest southern hemisphere in the norther hemisphere with that thing. Most certainly the cleanest in Denver.

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