Road trip

As I type on my phone, we are driving home from Abilene. As usual, it’s going to take us about 4.5 hours to complete a 3 hour drive. Traveling with kids is really neat.

We pulled out of Abilene and let out a huge sigh of relief because both kids fell asleep right away! Ben and I had a whisper conversation and discussed our hopes that they would sleep for a few hours and we could have some peace and quiet. That lasted for about 27 minutes when we hit a bump and both kids were up.

Immediately, West wanted a snack. Charlie saw his goldfish and started screeching. I gave her a snack. West saw her applesauce pouch and started whining. I gave him an applesauce and settled back into my seat. Within 10 seconds, Charlie’s empty applesauce flew across the van and she started screeching. I crawled to the back and got her bottle out of the cooler. When West saw her milk, he wanted his sippy. This pattern continues the entire trip. I also spend a lot of time looking for bo-bos on the floor.

We finally stopped in Weatherford because West needed to tee-tee. We went in to a gas station and all used the restroom. That takes a mere half hour on average. About 15 miles down the road, West said he needed to go tee-tee. We pulled over as fast as possible and were too late. I kinda regret letting him chug 10 ounces of milk so fast.

Did I mention that West also learned how to make himself gag by sticking his fingers down his throat and has been practicing A LOT in the car?

Now we are on the last stretch towards home, aka the full hour of answering the question, “Where are we going?” over and over and over. Charlie is asleep again, which means she will be wide awake when we get home and want to go to bed.

Ben and West are pretending to catch crickets and then eat them. Also, Ben is blaring techno music in the front speakers.

This is seriously special. We need a plane!

Tyler and Mere– y’all are still riding to Nebraska with us next time, right? :)








4 responses to “Road trip

  1. Hannah!!! I am literally crying from laughing!! Oh my goodness… Bless your hearts!! You I think handle stuff like this 8.4 million times better than me!! Y’all be safe!! Love you!!

  2. Your Dad and I are also having a good chuckle! This more than makes up for the countless “really neat” trips back and forth from Texas to Nebraska with our three special children. You are making memories!

  3. I love your mom’s comments here. I will say this however, your van is the most spotless mom van I’ve EVER laid eyes on. EVER.

    Dex does the fingers in mouth thing too! WTFrick? I thought it was because he had allergies and his throat tickled but if West is doing it too it must be some crazy boy thing. Dex only does it after he eats so he is either allergic to something or gearing up for male modeling.

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