Feerer Family Update

I’m posting from my phone for the first time and we’re driving, so I apologize in advance for any misspelled words, grammatical errors, or mistakes of any kind. Also, sorry I didn’t post yesterday when I was supposed to. Thank you for your forgiveness.

This week flew by. It was just a normal week for us…nothing too special happened, but it was super fast. Here are the highlights:


We had an impromptu photo-shoot outside the airport.

Rose was introduced to my favorite summer treat…snow cones! She just looked, but someday she’ll taste them and fall in love.

The chef for Ryan’s restaurant cooked an INCREDIBLE meal for us. It was seriously awesome. I didn’t eat the meat, but I’m sure it was just as delicious as everything I did eat.

This cutie turned eight months old. She’s so precious.

The Zellners had us over for some bad-a pizza. We apparently did a lot of eating this week. I guess that means it was a good week!


5 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Her hat is the cutest thing ever! The food is making my tummy growl. And I’ve never wanted a snow cone so bad in my life. Well done.

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