our week in abilene

Jeff had to go to work in Montana and North Dakota, so Ross and I decided to make a last minute trip to Abilene, Texas. We always love going to Abilene and seeing Nina Jan and Pawpaw. We had lots of fun and ate lots of good food. We went to the farm with MawMaw and Grandy and my arm was almost amputated by a tree limb. Miraculously, I don’t have one single scratch to prove it.

Ross also thought it would be fun to stick his hand in a cows mouth. He loves cows.

We also went swimming and played with a dead tarantula.


One of the highlights of our week was discovering that in my parents back yard are doodle bugs. These are the most fascinating of all bugs and even I will allow one to rest in my hand. I’ve been hunting them since I was a wee girl.

Here is an amazing example of a doodle bug’s home. They kick up dirt with their sweet little back legs and make this funnel. I’m not sure why. Ross is this doodle bug neighborhood’s worst enemy as he was stabbing them all with a “shtick”. This is a new word Ross learned this week. And don’t try to take away his stick or he will yell, “noo” at you.



My mom and I went to the Mcvay's house to play bonco/bunco. It doesn't matter how you say it, it is fun. It is one of the main reasons I want friends…to start a group and play once a month. This game got a little intense and Mandi was cut by a woman's fingernail who was trying to retrieve the dice.


Mosquitos are obsessed with Ross….





5 responses to “our week in abilene

  1. I really think you might be one of the best bloggers in the world ! Soooo funny!! Ross is already having an amazing childhood! You are such a sweet mommy!

  2. Oh my gosh! Ross is getting so big, he has changed so much since I saw him last. I love hearing about all of your adventures. He is so cute!

  3. OHhhh Landra! I love your blog!!!! I should be in bed but am trying to read all your posts to catch up!! Poor Ross with the mosquitoes! That so reminds me of Luke! He swells up the same way.
    Love you and miss you!!!

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