Mason Jar Salads.

Like most things I pin on Pintrest, Mason jar salads seemed more cute than practical. You know, like, ‘I’m so sure you need to go out and buy large Mason jars just so that your salads look cute in the fridge’? So, I actually didn’t pin them at first and instead started pinning way more important items like- cookie dough brownies. Obviously.

Then, I started eating clean with Hannah, Kelly, and Amanda this week. I knew that eating this way would require some serious plan ahead. Did I plan ahead? Nope. So Monday lunch rolls around and I had to heat up a chewy piece of chicken and throw some lettuce on my plate as a sad excuse for a salad. Depressing. I actually love salad. I hate making them, though. First, you have to make sure to have all of the awesome veggies, fruits, nuts, and dressings that all of the good salad bars have. Then, if you do have all that good stuff, you have to sit there and get everything out of the fridge, wash, and cut your veggies every single time you eat a salad. Totally annoying. Solution: Mason Jar Salads.

The concept is actually genius. Mason jars are cute, but they are also dishwasher safe. They are the perfect size and shape to hold pre-made salads. So, I went and got all of the supplies and made me some salads for the week. I only started with two in case they were a total flop.

Step 1: Collect the ingredients for your salad. I should have added more veggies but I didn’t. I also would have used spinach but Sinclair doesn’t take well to it :)

Step 2: Add your dressing first. I read that if you put shaved carrots on top of the dressing, it will keep all of the other veggies from getting soggy. It works!! You can choose any dressing you like, obviously. I have a light greek vinaigrette here. Love it.

Step 3: Layer in all of the other ingredients to your salad. I added carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, chicken, and lettuce. You can really be creative and add in whatever you want!

Step 4: Top it off with your lettuce or spinach. In hindsight, I added too many mushrooms and really had to stuff my lettuce in good. I like mushrooms, but not 50 in my salad. And, you’re done!! It’s that simple!

Step 5: When your’e ready for your salad, take out of your fridge and dump in a bowl. I simply stirred it all up and ate it. It was actually really yummy and fresh!

Mason Jar Salads proved to be a success. I ate one on Tuesday and then the second one last night. Both salads were still fresh!  I’ve read that they should remain fresh for 6-7 days so I will make more next time!! It was awesome to just reach in the fridge and have a salad ready to eat. No chopping, dicing, cutting, getting multiple knives dirty, and assembling the salad each time you want one. For us lazies out there- these are the way to go.




11 responses to “Mason Jar Salads.

  1. Meredith!! I seriously am crazy impressed!! Not just that someone actually did something with a pin they pinned, but that it totally works, looks cute, is healthy, and tastes good!! Thank you do much for actually doing this and then posting on it. I have zero mason jars and will be getting some ASAP!

  2. Hold up now. Do they really stay fresh?? How long have you left them for?? I would be all about this. You know Amanda and I are AWESOME at taking our lunch to school. (insert big fat lying face here.0

    • hahaha yeah right. Since i’ll be at home this school year, y’all can just drive up to my house window and i’ll give you a Mason jar salad like you’re at a fast food restaurant. You’ll never know the difference:)
      Yes! They stayed fresh!

  3. Well your Mama is impressed! I thought I had heard of everything possible to do in a Mason Jar… I once even had a book with jar recipes. But, this is a new one and a FABULOUS idea! I think I must try for school lunches. Maybe the jars will inspire canning someday! Dad loves pickles!

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