Toddler Cussing

Having kids has definitely been life changing. There’s so much more than just completely turning your life upsidedown- more stuff like having walking talking little mirrors of yourself roaming around. When the boys started talking big time, I could hear either me or Wes in almost every single word they said. Now to be a little embarassinly honest, most of the bad stuff the boys say they heard from me. oops. Take this for example from a few days ago:

Ummm obviously this is a “what no to do” video of how a parent should have handled that situation haha… oops again. Judah is the parrot in the family now and Eli is the bad word police. He can sniff out any form of anything that might even sound like a word we shouldn’t be saying and he’ll call you out on it and make you apologize. Which unfortunately for me happens at least once a day… which is exactly what happened when I said “dangit” in the video before Judah went off on the word.

Sometimes it’s really hard to spell out the word in the heat of the moment! ;)

It’s really interesting to see how you react to things played out in the form of a 4 year old or 2 year old. Eli and Judah for sure have their own personalities and ways of handling things, but I can totallyyyyyy see my anger or frustration or annoyance or facial expression or huge audible sigh come out in the kids. Why do they always pick up on the bad stuff?? All I know is that when I see it, I try to correct it in them and then super duper have to take a long look at myself and pull myself together! haha…

Oh the joys of parenting. :) And it’s really a humbling feeling to want to be the best kind of person for your kid. Thank God for amazing friends and family. Truly.


5 responses to “Toddler Cussing

  1. Hahah that’s hilarious!!! Your stern voice is fantastic-I’m pretty sure I could hear you smiling haha!!!

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