Rose has grown bored of all of her toys. She has plenty of them, too. From the time she was old enough to actually play with toys, I’ve been very careful to only give her a few at a time and rotate them out so that this wouldn’t happen…but it’s happened. She does, however, LOVE playing with anything at all that is not meant to be played with. Here are just a few examples:


A mirror…it’s glass, and she likes to bang on things.


A mixer…it’s electric and really, really heavy.


An eraser. This one was fine until there were teeth to bite chunks of it off.


A magazine…this might be her favorite. She eats tiny pieces of paper.


My measuring spoons. There is nothing really wrong with these, except that I often need to use them and then they sit in the sink waiting to be washed for much longer than they should.

I know this is totally normal, but I’m tired of saying “No, baby, that’s not a toy.” and “That doesn’t go in your mouth, silly!” (which I will apparently be saying for a very long time if she is anything like Dex, and she probably is). Are there any toys out there that don’t look like toys, but are? If so, would someone please buy it for her? She’ll give you kisses and maybe even clap for you.


4 responses to “Toys?

  1. Cassie oh my goodness… She is so beautiful!! It was so hard to even see what she was playing with bc I couldnt take my eyes off her!! I’d go with with wooden spoons and pots and pans ;) once the boys started crawling around and opening all the safe cabinet doors, I’d start putting different safe things in there to play with so I would be new for them! I bet I read that on babycenter somewhere.

  2. She is most beautiful and if I had a million dollars I would buy her every toy imaginable. Amanda’s idea with the wooden spoons is brilliant! Or you could give her a dust mop let her start earning her keep!

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