The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

It seriously is so crazy how fast babies grow. Sinclair turned 4 months old yesterday. She is so much fun and a joy to watch change and grow. Last week I mentioned she rolled over- here’s the proof!

Tummy-time is finally starting to grow on the girl. She’ll tolerate it for a few minutes before getting mad at me. What a doll.

Sinclair went to her cousin’s birthday party and had a blast! West turned 3 years old!!! Man, time flies. It was a super fun balloon birthday party with a lot of yummy food! Good job, Hanny!

Sinclair had to get her terrible 4 month shots. They suck and I hated them, but am glad we’re helping protect her! She did pretty good.

Yep. So, our baby is getting bigger. She’s finding her toes, she’s super loud, she smiles all of the time, and she loves to sing songs with me. Sinclair, you are a joy and we thank God for you every single day. I love you little girl.



6 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Seeing her at West’s party was so fun!!! Her little cheeks are sooooo sweet!! And how in the world is she 4 months?!?!?!?

  2. Meredith! She is so darn cute and looks just like you! The last time I ran into you she was still cooking…. congratulations!

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