Things I miss about Searcy, Arkansas

-friends, duh.

I know it’s hard to believe that I did crossfit….I never recorded my time…I just wanted finish…without cheating.


-cooking…something I never thought I’d miss

-cleaning…also something I never thought I’d miss

-grocery shopping…another thing I never thought I’d miss

-meal planning…obviously something I never thought I’d miss

freckle face farm
This is the place we bought our milk. The farmer would milk the cows in the morning and we would pick up our milk sometime after and look at the cows, pigs, and chickens. Raw milk is so delicious. It kind of taste like butter…and you can make butter with it! We also bought our meat here.



Searcy is the place where Ross spent almost the first year of his life, where Brock Olympic Johnson, our first dog baby, passed away from unknown causes, and it’s where I had my own walk in closet with built in drawers that I didn’t have to share.


5 responses to “Searcy

  1. Landra, I’m sorry you had to leave Searcy. Someday you’ll have a list of things you love about Denver, and probably things you miss about Denver. Maybe?

  2. Landra that was seriously one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read!! I want to go to Searcy now!

  3. oh lannie. i’m so proud of you for moving all over our glorious nation and can’t imagine how hard it must be to hit refresh every couple of years (or less). denver has crossfit and probably a raw milk farm too, just give it time.

  4. Searcy misses you too! I miss your funny, quirky self and Jeff’s stories about his BMs, and Lord knows Collin Henry misses his “Rah”!! But I know you are going to find so many cool things to love about Denver, and if nothing else, you don’t have to be surrounded by crazy Razorback fans any longer…WPS :)

  5. I, personally, can totally see you doing crossfit. Also, that pic of Ross and the ducks is priceless.

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