Happy Birthday, West!

West turned 3 Saturday and we celebrated with friends and family.  West wanted a balloon birthday party and that’s what he got.  We are so thankful for all of the loved ones that came to his party and made his big day special.  We are also grateful for Nonna and Aunt Sarah, who helped put the whole thing together.  (This birthday party planning thing is no joke.)  It was all worth it when he blew out his candles just like we practiced.  Yes, we practiced.  Then after everyone left, we relit the candles on the leftover hunk of cake and reenacted the special moment a few more times :)  I  love this 3 year old to death!

the food.


the balloons.

Tyler, a good dad, a good uncle.

He LOVED his presents!

Charlie’s “cheese!”

Mark the shark.

most beautiful niece.

How cute is she???

loudest kid at the party.

pretty girls!

kissing her baby.

loves his new Woody!


6 responses to “Happy Birthday, West!

  1. Those pictures are soooo sweet!! And the party was of course preciously perfect! I kind of hated you for letting me eat my weight in popcorn chicken but oh well. It was delish!! Happy birthday West!!

  2. I loved how he would open his gifts and then just stare at them for a good 45 seconds. So cute. Love that big boy.

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