Feerer Family Update

Again, it’s been a crazy week. Nothing like last week at all, but still crazy. Lets begin with Saturday, when I experienced the scariest moment of parenthood yet (and maybe the scariest moment of my life?). Rose was napping in her Rock n’ Play in our bedroom, Ryan was sitting on the couch working, and I was doing dishes. We heard a loud thud…I froze, Ryan jumped up and yelled some “bad words” and ran toward our room, then we heard the saddest, loudest screaming we’ve ever heard from our sweet girl. We ran in and found her IN THE FLOOR. I still cannot for the life of me figure out how she managed to get out of that thing. She’s stronger than I thought, for sure. Ryan picked her up and held her for a bit, and when he handed her to me I had to sit because I was shaking so much. She only cried for a few minutes and there was no real damage done…just a little bruise on her head, and it was gone by the next morning. A few minutes later, she was laughing and playing, and I noticed something else…she had a tooth! That’s when I lost it. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the fact that she was big enough to climb out of her bed, AND grew a tooth all in a matter of a few minutes was just too much for me to handle. It is a really cute little tooth though.


We decided that night would be a good time to transition to the crib. It’s not going so well. She is in the process of cutting another tooth, which isn’t helping the situation. She’s ended up in our bed every night this week. She doesn’t sleep any better in our bed, but I at least get a few minutes here and there. The nights have been very long, but when I wake up to this precious little face, all is well.


Here are a few other cute pictures from the week…





8 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Awwww, I am sorry, Cassie! I know you must have been so scared. If it makes you feel any better my kids get hurt, like, daily. She is getting so big and more beautiful everyday!

  2. Oh Cassie! Bless your hearts! I love the pic of Ryan kissing her…that’s the face Ross makes when Jeff kisses him…maybe it’s the beard?

  3. Sam thing happened with Eli. He actually fell out of the crib while Norm and I were in the other room dicussing how we should lower the crib when he was finished with his nap. Completely terrifying but they’re very resilient!

  4. I’m so sorry!! Judah fell out of his swing when he was a baby. And then rolled for the first time off our bed when he was 3 months. Disasterous moments. Raising babies is not for the weak! You are doing an amazing job and her little teeth coming in are the perfect signs of that! Growing strong and healthy!! Loved these pics!

  5. Just now discovered this blog! You’d told me this story earlier today-yep, she’s on the move, for sure-and yes, such a cute little toothie :-)

  6. My cousin has an amber beaded necklace that her baby boy has worn since he was really little, maybe 3mo old? He just turned 2 and she’s never had any problems with him teething, none at all! Apparently, amber is a natural remedy for teething babies…maybe it’s something you could look into? Sorry, if you already know all of this but I had never heard of it before so I’m just passing it along. =)

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