On Garage Sales & God.

August is going to be an interesting month for the Tracy family. We move to Richardson the first week in August and I will get my last paycheck as a DISD math teacher mid August. Very interesting.  I mentioned before that Tyler and I have decided that I will stay home with Sinclair next year, but I may not have mentioned that we are a bit nervous about this transition. This was not an easy, no brainer decision for us. We will not have enough money with only Tyler’s income and have had to carefully make this choice. We have tried to prepare for this day for a year now. We have saved money, cut our spending BIG time, started doing the Dave Ramsey debt snowball and cash system, cancelled cable television, and started brainstorming ideas for random jobs for me.  I am looking for something to do part-time. I’ll do anything, really, well- besides sell my body or become a plumber. This whole ‘quitting my job thing’ has been sort of this distant fun thing to talk about…until last week. Last week, it became unnervingly real.  I officially resigned.

I drove home from the Human Resources building feeling different than I thought I would. I thought I’d be super happy and excited.  I am super happy and excited that I will get to spend my days with Sinclair, but parts of me will really miss the students and teaching math. I really love math. I also felt a bit of anxiety about the financial implications of this move for our family. So, that’s that. Last Thursday, I quit my job.

The next morning and most of the day, Tyler and I prepared for a garage sale. Tyler had been pushing a garage sale for a while now, but I wasn’t very excited about the idea. Garage sales are a ton of work to organize, you have to wake up super early, haggle prices with people all day, and then clean up all your junk afterwards. All of this for a few quarters?? Once I started packing up our place to move, though, the opportunity to sell all of the stuff we didn’t want to have to move again was enticing. So, we had a garage sale last Saturday. It was more of a yard sale, but you get the idea.

It doesn’t really look it here, but we had a TON of stuff. Not so much big ticket items, but tons of clothes, purses, shoes, beer paraphernalia (my husband’s obsession) and t-shirts. Garage sales are no joke, people. We were packed busy for four hours straight. It was a pretty fun day, actually! Our friends, The Mulfords, joined us and sold a few items. Tyler’s parents helped out with Sinclair (thank you guys so much). We had some very special characters rummage through our stuff as well.  I was selling some Victoria’s Secret thongs (NEW WITH TAGS, folks…I’m not that gross) and one lady told Tyler “Oh man. I would buy all of these but the minute I get them on, my husband will take them right off.” TMI hahaha. Tyler was pretty amazing at garage saling, as I knew he would be. He kept asking people if there was ‘anything in particular they were looking for today’ or if he ‘could get them a fitting room started’.  All in all, a good day. We took the remaining items to a donation center and counted our earnings. Tyler and I had bets about how much we would make. I was hoping for maybe $200 to help us pay for the move to Richardson. To our utter shock and bewilderment, we made $790. Yes, seven hundred and ninety dollars. Holy Crap. I didn’t share this amount to brag (even though we were pretty proud of our garage sale skills) about money but to brag about God.

How awesome is He? Two days after I quit my job, He blesses us with a successful garage sale. Man, what a humbling and amazing reminder of the faithfulness of God. He knows our situations, fears, struggles and needs. He cares about us, the Tracy family. He cares about making sure we have some extra money to move. He cares about confirming our decision for me to stay home with our daughter. He cares about meeting our needs.



7 responses to “On Garage Sales & God.

  1. What a blessing. I’m so glad it happened and you can have a stress free move! Can’t wait to see the new place!

  2. Hahaha I can seriously hear Tyler saying those things and I wish I had been there in person to hear him!! So proud of you! And I love hearing these stories. I love hearing how much God loves people but also how much people recognize how all good things come from him. Such a sweet reminder and I love y’all so much!

  3. WOW! That’s some impressive work there Mere & Tyler! Congrats on officially resigning, I know it’s hard as I went through a similar experience when I left my previous job. After a month or so, you will wake up one day and think, ‘this is nice!’.

  4. who wouldn’t want Tyler around when selling… anything! you and him and now Miss Sinclair… you guys are unstoppable. i think staying at home with a baby is so selfless and she will prosper because of it. *thumbs up*

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