Johnson update


This was the highlight of my week. This and moving out of our hotel room…into…another hotel room! But this time our hotel room is a suite. So no more playing Risk in the dark for three hours.


We went to a splash pad park and Ross made a new friend and was obsessed with his hair.



On Saturday, we went to the mountains and saw this little family on the side of the road. It was sooooo awesome! Ross kept mooing at them.





Ross learned how to blow out candles and dandelions. And he decided to eat a dandelion.



Ross went to his first baseball game and loved pointing at and trying to eat the rain.

This move has been the most difficult move for us. We loved Searcy. During the week, I really miss Searcy but love the weekends when we go to the mountains. Our house is for sale in Arkansas and there is so much drama surrounding the sale of it and I’m 800 miles away and can’t do anything. I so often forget how God takes care of us. We were in a similar situation in Texas and waited a long while for our house to sell and wondered why God hadn’t allowed it to sell…and it ended up working out so perfectly. So, I’m trying to remember and trust. My heart is so fickle.

On a positive and less serious note, I discovered this cereal and had three bowls last night before bed. After I had eaten a rack of ribs.




5 responses to “Johnson update

  1. Your pictures are fascinating!! I can’t believe you can just drive up the road and see that!! We will have to make a Denver trip to see y’all and josh!!

  2. Puhlease give Ross a big kiss for me! He is looking so cute in those pictures. If we can do anything to help with the house, just let us know!

  3. Landra, Loved all the pictures of you, Jeff and Ross! He is so precious, and getting so big. Looks like you all are enjoying your new and beautiful surroundings. I envy you; what an adventure. Remember, God does everything in his time, but I’m like you, I like to help him out. I know all will work out, and hope the house sells soon. Love you’ll!

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