Eating Clean

Talking about weight can be tricky.  Everybody has their own opinions on their right size, your right size, your pregnant right size, your post baby right size… ugh. You get the picture.  One of the greatest things about my friends is that I can talk to them about weight, no matter what size I am, and they don’t roll their eyes at me- they don’t get disgusted and make some snide remark- they don’t get annoyed that I’m talking about it even though I’m smaller now than I was (at least to my face! ha!)- and they listen. Like really listen and offer their witty suggestions, remarks, or tell me their own hilarious story about something to do with weight or food.

I’ve dealt with food issues since I was 17. Without turning this into a sob story of my thorn of the flesh or the fall of man, let’s just fast forward to where I am now: 30 years old, 2 kids, both by c-section. yikes.

When I got pregnant with Eli, I weighed 137 lbs. (And I totally know it’s not all about the scale and you have to consider inches and muscle and all that, but let’s just keep this simple.) I gained 50 pounds (or more probably… I didn’t even want to know) being pregnant with Eli and I honestly had NO idea I was gaining that much weight! I was as big as a barn.

Exhibit A:

me, Mere, and Han

Meredith and Hannah have witnessed this first hand. twice.

It took me forever to lose weight after that pregnancy. I got pregnant with Judah when Eli was about 14-15 months old and I weighed 141 lbs. And again I gained 50 plus pounds. sigh.

Exhibit B:

Cassie, Rach, me and Rach :)

Cassie also go to see the peak weight of this pregnancy with Judah.

With Eli turning 5 and Judah turning 3 in December, I’ve had more time to actually focus on losing weight and getting healthy since I’m not pregnant right now. In like January of 2011 we started playing Biggest Loser at my work. I was 147 when we started and by March I got back down to 137, won $200, and got to take a mini vacay with Mere. It was awesome! And then I just stayed at 137. Like, every single time I got on the scale it said the same thing.

I was tired of being all flabby, having to think about food constantly, and tired of talking about how much I was annoyed with both of those things! So I decided to try Eating Clean. I was definitely interested in not having to count calories, points, or basically anything. I just wanted to be able to eat healthy food, understand my crazy brain and its associations with food, and be able to have a cookie every once in awhile without blowing up.

So I’m eating clean now. again. I did this before (in September-November 2011) and lost 7 pounds. After getting off of eating clean and basically just eating whatever and not paying attention and starting to feel all yucky again, I gained 5 pounds back. So here we go again. :)

Here’s what my typical day looks like (I’m doing a version of what the Eat Clean plan calls Cooler 1 for 2 weeks) and I’m in the 2nd week now:

Breakfast: a cup of high fiber whole grain cereal with milk

Snack: 1/2 a pear and some green beans

Lunch: 1/2 a chicken breast, 1/2 a sweet potato, grilled zuchini

Snack: banana with peanut butter

Supper: 1/2 a chicken breast, 1/2 a sweet potato, green beans or salad, 1/2 a cup of brown rice

Snack: if I’m still hungry before bed (which honestly rarely happens)- apple with peanut butter or almond butter

I lost 2.5 pounds the first week. It’s really not hard to eat like this. It’s actually sometimes difficult to make myself eat that much and that often. Eating Clean is all about (well a VERY simplified definition) cutting out processed foods, eating lots of fresh food, pairing proteins with carbs at every meal, and making sure you are drinking a ton of water. Which makes me super envious of Tressie’s garden post!

I can honestly say that I have more energy, the white’s of my eyes are brighter (???), and I’m in a better mood when I eat like this. The frustrating part is making sure I have stuff prepared or at least have groceries available, because if not, I can hear Taco Bueno calling my name from way over in Sachse.

The Gracious Pantry has a good rundown and some recipes for you if you are interested in the lifestyle.

And this couple has a super cute site with great info and help!

I’ve honestly NEVER had anything work so well for me. I’ve lost weight with WW, with my own random ideas, and with Dr. Phil’s plans- and Eating Clean has a lot of those components. But for a busy working mom with 2 little kids and plenty of my own issues to deal with, it’s truly the easiest thing for me to do as long as I keep myself focused on having groceries available. Oh. And can we all just give George Foreman a huge hug for his grill?? I might die without it.




9 responses to “Eating Clean

  1. Amanda, you look so great. I haven’t seen you in a while, but last time I did, you looked beautiful. AND, you looked awesome pregnant too!

  2. Every day you wake up, you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m great, I’m wonderful, everybody likes me.”

  3. Amanda Joy you are beautiful! I will tell you the one thing that has changed my world…NO JUDGEMENT!!! You have to LOVE you food and LOVE the body it nourishes. Great Book to add to your reading Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David, seriously changed my life!

    • Hahaha I totally get that! I just have been stuck in a ridiculous brain cycle of food obsession and I want to be able to enjoy food that’s healthy and good for you and not have to worry about calories or fat or anything. Just good clean food :) miss you tons Chandra! I’ll check out that book! Sheesh I miss you! -A

      • I miss you too. Very much in fact. I understand exactly where you are with food, and it is a cycle. I imagine the project is that much more intense with littles. If you want we can talk more about it, I am now a Certified Nutrition Consultant. ( bonefied and all) if not, that is ok too. I very much enjoy reading about you and your beautiful family. Yay technology! xoxo

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