One Week With Two Kids

Last week I experienced what life will be like with two little ones in the house. A friend of mine needed a babysitter for the week because her regular sitter was in Hawaii (lucky.)…so I volunteered. He is a cute little 3 month old chubby guy who likes to eat! It may have been one of the most tiring weeks of my life. I know that when I actually have two kids, they will be more than 4 months apart in age, but still, it’s tough. I seriously don’t know how parents of twins survive. It took me constantly working, Ryan doing as much as he could, and even my mom stopped by to help out a little. This was my view for most of the week:


One baby in my lap, and the other playing directly in front of me.

Rose decided that even if she was perfectly happy and enjoying a toy or two on the floor, I still should not be holding another baby. Davis (the chubby little guy) decided that he liked being held more than he liked sitting in a bouncy chair or playing on the floor. It made for a crazy week. But there were also some really cute little moments, like these:


Playing together…sort of.


Notice how she is NOT using that tiny pointer finger to touch him, but there were no injuries.

It was a super busy, but fun week.


5 responses to “One Week With Two Kids

  1. Hahaha I love Davis’ face in the picture where Rose is grabbing his collar!! I bet they had so much fun together. I’m not sure I can ever have two kids. For real.

  2. you poor thing. i’m glad you at least had ryan most of the time. i think my mom would have quit a long time ago if she didn’t have my niece to help her. bless you.

  3. Rose and Davis sitting in the tree
    First comes love.
    Then comes marriage.
    Then comes baby in the baby carriage,
    That’s not all, that’s not all,
    Daddy’s drinking alcohol

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