Finally Friday!

Most Friday’s feel more like Sunday’s to me because the next day is typically a wedding and for some reason my brain has taken the stance that these blessed unions are the start of the week. And I’m okay with that. Since we go a whole day without seeing Bear (our nickname for Dex) we try to close up shop a little early and take the rest of the evening to do silly fun things. Dance party, book worming, sidewalk chalking, swimming, and that glorious afternoon nap that I look forward to not only on Friday’s. Dex wakes up so happy and his smile is just the cutest… except for today. He woke up and didn’t want to dance, didn’t want to cuddle, didn’t want to do anything besides give Dillinger treats. So after one forced baby sandwich hug we let him.

I almost wrote about our horrifying experience at the public library yesterday. The one where Dex pushed a little boy down. *insert gaping jaw and utter bewilderment face here* But the mom of the fallen soldier was actually please Dex did it. She said her son was normally the bully. Poor kids, it must be so tough not being able to vocalize your feelings! Until then, what do you do when situations like this arise? Besides feel like the blacksheep mom of Dr. Seuss Children’s Summer Reading Club?



5 responses to “Finally Friday!

  1. Was it the skinny little guy that has a brand new baby sister? He was totally a bully last time we went.

  2. I seriously cannot believe how big he is getting!! And at least you responded when he pushed the other little guy! Many moms would have looked the other way! Good job Tressie! Seriously!

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