Feerer Family Update

Wow. It’s been a crazy busy week around here. I won’t bore you with why…until next week when I write about it. Today, I’ll just get to the cute stuff, which of course, is Rose. This girl has decided to be pretty amazing this week. I mean, she is amazing all the time, but this week has been extra awesome. I don’t have tons of pictures because in addition to being awesome, she’s decided that it is not fun at all to be still. Ever. This makes snapping a quality photo a challenging. I did manage to sneak a few though, so don’t worry. Here she is doing all of these brilliant things she’s discovered in the past few days:

She is now using her tiny pointer finger to touch things. It is the cutest thing. If you look closely, you can see that tiny finger pointing at this sign we made for her uncle. We tried to make her hold the sign, but pointing was all she did.

And here she is giving me a HUGE kiss. She’s been doing this every single time I pick her up…so naturally, I pick her up ALL THE TIME.  I’ve figured out that she really just likes the taste of my chapstick, and she isn’t actually kissing me, but I’m fine with that. If I have to buy every flavor of chapstick known to man in order for this to keep happening, I will do it.

This is her least favorite new discovery…scooting backward. She has yet to master moving forward, but she is a pro at going backward. She hates it. Nearly every time she scoots, she ends up under something or tangled in something, and then I have to rescue her (after getting a picture of it. Duh.).

This little position is happening a lot too. It only lasts a few seconds, and then she is on her belly and frustrated. I’m guessing that the crawling days are soon to come.

She is also pulling up to stand. I was not prepared for this to happen so soon, and have not truly admitted to myself that this is real. We’ve already had a few head bumps and little bruises and it makes me so sad every time she gets hurt. Maybe I’ll search Pinterest for a bubble suit to keep her protected?

Three other adorable things she started doing this week are waving hi and bye (mostly bye), clapping (never for things she should clap about…it’s usually when Daisy shakes or something random like that), and putting everything she can get ahold of in MY mouth. I’ve tried and tried to get these things on camera, but it hasn’t happened. Like I said, she’s always moving.

I would update you all on Ryan and myself, but other than my husband telling me that I am the man of the house, we haven’t really made any new discoveries or done anything that cool in the past week, so I’ll just leave you with the Rose update.



4 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. I just teared up because she is growing so fast and because she is so adorable!! Hormones. That standing pic is to die for!!!

  2. She is way too small to be doing all of those things!! And her pointer finger is the sweetest thing.

  3. Cassie!!! She is doing sooooo many new things!! Oh my goodness. I cannot even get over that first little picture!! I keep going back to it looking at her precious pointing finger!! (sigh) you’re giving me baby envy…

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