Week 1 in Denver

This is the toddler area at the Denver Children’s Museum. This is a must see. Come to Denver, if not to see me and my family or the mountains, to see this awesome place. I think Jeff and I had more fun than Ross. Beware, they make you wear socks over your shoes in order to prevent the spread of germs…I just spelled that the first time with a j. Words like germ and jerk are really hard for people like me.


This is Ross and I on the fourth of July. This street is really cool. Jeff bought me the skirt that I’m wearing from REI. It is a hiking skirt that is water proof…who knew that they make such things. I thought that I would really fit in by wearing a hiking skirt in Denver…to my surprise, I haven’t seen another person wearing a hiking skirt of this length. If only it were about 8 inches shorter…then I would really fit in!


This is us at the laundromat where we washed 3 weeks worth of my darling husband’s clothes. This was a half-day event that I hope to never relive, as do the owners of the laundromat. Ross, however, would love to spend all his days in this here laundromat. All he wanted to do was open and close the driers, run through the aisles squealing the entire time, and yell “ball” while throwing a ball at a customer.


This is a picture of one of the many painted pianos on the 16th street mall. One of these days, while wearing my somewhat modest hiking skirt, I’m going to play this piano. Maybe I’ll earn a buck or two and buy me a new sleeping bag.


Denver Zoo…hippo…Fort Worth Zoo is better. But we had a blast.



The top pic is of this really neat mountain that we risked our lives getting to. It was 14,000 feet and 37 degrees, windchill 27. We didn’t dress appropriately.

The bottom picture is of a beautiful lake about 2,000 feet below the previous and of me trying to fix Ross’ part so that he wouldn’t look like that guy from the movie Dumb and Dumber.

I heard that mix matching different shades of green is in.


This is a picture of my sweet angel boy. Angel is another hard word for me as I sometimes confuse it with angle. Anyways, we went to a really neat church that met in an old building in downtown. The worship team sounded like a mix between the Mumford and sons people and Zoe D…I could look up her last name but might risk Xing this out and it never be seen again. We ate lunch afterwards and took this picture.

Denver is neat….not like any place that I’ve ever lived…I’m really having to get out of my comfort zone as I haven’t met or even seen many people that look like me. Until we went to church, I didn’t know if Denver allowed children because I have hardly seen any…even at Target. I know that we will meet people and not feel so small in such a large place…but until then, I feel weird. I’m even growing my nails out just in case I need to use them as a weapon.

Xoxo, L

5 responses to “Week 1 in Denver

  1. hahahahah LANDRA!! I am so proud of you for blogging. I love reading your posts- makes my day. You guys make Denver look good! I really want to come visit!! Please wait for us to be there for you to play that piano. We could all get in the street and do an old TriPhi Sing routine. Love you!

  2. Ok so please remember that my brother lives in Denver! We need to maybe have a big reunion… that would be amazing. And that Children’s museum looks soooo great!! And I’m just impressed that you wear skirts period. Of course you have those incredibly amazing legs. so.jealous. You look beautiful!

  3. Landra- you are already more active in your community after only living there a few days than I am in mine, after living here for 2 years! You are such a cool mom and wife–especially for doing all of Jeff’s laundry at once. And you’re a great blogger.

  4. Lan, this was hilarious! I can’t wait to show Collin this picture of Ross. He will be singing, “Rah … Rah” for hours :)

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