Taming These Ta Tas.

I used to run and really enjoy it. I can’t say that I was a runner, per say, because it never was really easy for me and I never worked up to running super long distances, but I ran. I stopped running after about two months into my pregnancy. I got a nasty case of morning sickness that knocked me on my arse and, frankly, I never really got back up. Think, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. 

Since Sinclair has been born (almost 4 months ago), I have used every excuse not to start running again. First, it was because the doctor hadn’t cleared me for activity for the first 6 weeks. Then, I was afraid running might bust open my C-section incision. Then, I was too tired in the mornings and didn’t have time later in the day. Then, it was too hot. The latest excuse has been that I don’t want a tight sports bra to mess with my milk production. Laugh all you want, but I have spent many hours agonizing over this predicament. I’m just going to say it: My ta tas aint what they used to be. Let’s just say that the sports bras I used to run in are cutting off circulation to my head and therefore causing breastfeeding anxiety.  And, forget about wearing a less tight sports bra. I tried that and it only took 1 jumping jack to realize that wasn’t the answer either. So, for four months I haven’t been running.

Lately, I’ve really been missing running so I did some sports bra research. A couple of gals told me about the Lululemon Ta  Ta Tamer II . This sports bra is made for the… uh…. bustier runners out there. This sports bra is also $58.  Yikes. I know, abort! Right? I’m pretty cheap, especially now that I am unemployed, but I started to think about this as an investment. I would be investing in my health and wellness (running) and I would be investing in my daughter (breastfeeding security). So, I dipped into my Dave Ramsey blow money and bought the dang thing. Here she is. This is not me in case you were wondering. I wish it were…..

Ta Ta Tamer II

So far so good, people. Like you can see in this picture, this bra does not give you a uniboob.  It has wide shoulder straps that keep me from bouncing all over the place. The fabric is rather sweat resistant (I sweat a lot). I wouldn’t say the thing is life changing, but it does make me feel protected as I run. Expensive, yes, but I think it’s a pretty good investment.

I’ve ran three times this week, which is quite honestly a miracle. Let me be very clear. When I say run, I mean that I am doing a 30 min workout that consists of 2 miles of a running/walking combination. Not quite a marathon, but it sure does feel good to be running again. Sinclair is the best little running buddy, too. She loves to look around outside and stays content the entire workout. She’s probably tired since she has recently been keeping her daddy and I up all night (4 month sleep regression). I’m doing a Couch to 5k type program, so I will keep you posted on my progress!

My view during the run/walk.

My little running buddy.



4 responses to “Taming These Ta Tas.

  1. hahahahaha “it only took 1 jumping jack to realize that wasn’t the answer” incredible. And sheesh!! She seriously makes me have the biggest smile on my face! I could NOT believe how much she’s grown when I saw her yesterday! And you are doing the opposite, shrinking away into oblivion.

    SO proud of you for running. I read all of your excuses and I have zero of those. gulp. Maybe I need to get my act together. again.

  2. Mere…I totally Understand about working out and breast feeding…I was so afraid that i was going to smush them dry…I’m so proud of you for running!!!! Before you know it, you’ll be running a marathon!

  3. This echos my life exactly! Now to scrounge up the money for a bra…. Or just continue to sit on my you-know-what and read more of y’all’s blog :) loving it!

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