Sure I can paint my door. Right?

Right at this moment I’m sitting in the treatment center at Children’s Medical Center while Eli is getting his ivig. It’s been a slightly stressful morning since he had to get a new iv. At some point I’ll post about all of that, but to prevent me from having an emotional breakdown in this room, I’ll save it for later.


Let’s get to the topic at hand shall we? Ok so due to the phenomenon that is Pinterest, I have been pinning my heart’s earthly desires. One time I pinned a turquoise door. For some reason I remembered that this week and thought, sure, I can’t paint my door. Right?? Ummm. Ok. 

So that’s what it started out as. I decided I take off the glass storm door that was in front of it because honestly, it don’t close all the way, we could never just leave the big door open to look out the glass bc it didn’t shut, it made our house look crooked, and I found (and killed) a snake in that door frame before. So I took it off. Then i decided to paint the door. I didn’t actually think thru that though because I had to sit on the floor in the heat of the summer with the front door open so I could paint it with these mud birds swooping at my head bc they built their sick nest on my porch. Sigh… After that, I scooped up the kids and went to Home Depot to grab some paint and primer.


I probably should have done some research on the right kind of brush and how to actually paint a door (which I can guarantee I pinned somewhere) but who has time for that with little kids running around?? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Let’s just prime the door and see what happens.

Ta da! Looks primed and ready to go to me! Ok so the next thing I didn’t think of while taking the glass door off was that you do actually have to leave the door open to dry. So I spent the next couple of hours letting all the cold air out of my house, chasing Judah and Ebony back into the house, and praising Eli and Hayes really loudly for not running out the door in hopes that Judah and Ebony would catch on. They didnt. Finally it was time to paint the door turquoise.

And there we go! I loved it so much and probably stood outside my house like 50 times just staring at it. I went back in, looked at some more turquoise doors online and decided that I also wanted to stain it. I loved the brightness but also wanted some vintage look so why not just stain it too? Here is where my anxiety set in.

I am not totally sure why glazing the door seemed way scarier than painting it turquoise?!? but it totally did. I watched a million YouTube videos and some more pins and finally just said ok. I ran to the dollar store, picked up some brushes, sponge brushes, gloves, and cheapy rags to wash off the glaze with.

And there you have it! I’m thinking I might want to put another coat of glaze on to actually to give it even more character but we will see. Sooooo easy though!! And since I bought A GALLON?!? of turquoise paint to one front door (that’s what happens when I take a tired 4 and 2 year old to store with me) I also decided to paint my dresser!

It was just a plain ole dark cherry dresser that I dragged out to the garage (by myself!!) and painted. Please excuse the missing piece that broke off… I’ll fix that soon. Haha…

Alright. So I can paint my front door and dresser and keep the kids entertained all at the same time! I’m supermom!! (sigh) almost. Here is what Judah was doing while I was dragging the dresser out:

I needed to find that kid a job and fast.

So why not just let him paint with alllllll the colors of non-Crayola washable paint near my house, car, and myself?? You would think I would be getting smarter at this mom thing by now. To finish up the day I spent some time making Judah stand outside in the heat while I googled nontoxic ways to take paint off your child. Citrus, Vaseline, and soap plus warm water works wonders.



5 responses to “Sure I can paint my door. Right?

  1. Let’s just say that when I first saw the pic of your door after Judah had gotten ahold of it…..I did not initially think that brown stuff was paint…….

    The door and dresser look sweet.

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