Summer so far…

In June, we went camping with Ben’s family. We lit sparklers there.

We’ve been swimming a lot. West is a little fish.

Lan and Ross came to visit. We went swimming and made margaritas. It was super fun.

Took a trip to Omaha, NE. Enjoyed the farmer’s market, the splash park, the College World Series, and the grandparents.

Stopped in KC and visited our friends, the Barhams, and had dinner with my cousin and her cute kiddos!

Celebrated this guy on Father’s day!

We drove the 12-hour trip to and from Omaha through the night.

Our beauty queen turned 1.

Had a great 4th of July, except for when we found out West’s wrist was broken :(

Yesterday, during story time at the library, Charlie took her FIRST STEPS towards the Indian woman sitting in front of us. Then she tried to pull off her headscarf (which is probably something religiously sacred.) At least I will never forget the first time she walked!


4 responses to “Summer so far…

  1. Charlie took her first steps?!!!? Aaaaggghhh!! That is sooooo exciting!! Those pictures are of course crazy beautiful. I seriously can’t believe how cute all of our kids are!

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