A few weeks ago us Zellner’s went to Europe for business and had to make a quick stop in Paris to mark off what I would call numero uno on my bucket list: See the Eiffel Tower in real life. Now you may or may not know, (or soon will know because I’m going to tell you) of my fascination with said monument, but this is nothing a brief history won’t reveal.

1. 8 Eiffel Tower miniatures are scattered throughout our home. 1 is a lamp.

2. I own a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings.

3. Our dining room was once painted a questionable color of green only because the color was called Paris Green.

4. At one time I seriously considered an Eiffel Tower tattoo. To go next to my Harry Potter lightening bolt tattoo. I have no tattoos because these are the things I have emblazoned on my body and they make earrings for these crazy whims.

5. Chad and I, in high school, spent many night working on a glass mosaic table top that depicted Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with an Eiffel Tower thrown in there. It has been laid to rest in the catacombs of my parents garage.

Paris was perfect. From the Ladurée macarons to the Fat Tire Bike Tour we enjoyed every minute!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that we used airbnb to book our Paris abode and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! There are beautiful places to stay in so many cities it got our wheels spinning for our next trip!




3 responses to “Bonjour!

  1. Tressie I love that you guys got to do this!! I want to go again soooo bad! I say someday we have a Hatched European Vacation??!!

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