4 Years

On our honeymoon in Canada…I think this was St. John, New Brunswick.

A few days ago, Ryan and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage. Normally, we would go all-out with the celebrating…in fact, I think we’ve gone on a trip every year for our anniversary. Not always a big trip, but a getaway nonetheless. This year was different. We didn’t even talk about our anniversary until the day before. I guess because we have Rose? Or maybe because I quit my job and we are poor?  I wasn’t too bothered by this because I knew that it would be a fun day even if we sat around and watched Dawson’s Creek all day, but Ryan was not ok with this. He is a celebration fanatic! He never sticks to our “gift budget” (I always do), he plans surprises for every occasion (I never do), and he always always always wants to open presents early (I refuse every time). The fact that neither of us planned anything or bought gifts really weirded him out. So…he stayed up late the night before and made plans. I, however, went to bed as soon as I got Rose to sleep.

When I woke up, he told me to get dressed, but not to put on makeup. This is not unusual. He asks me at least a few times a week to skip the makeup… I’m pretty sure it’s because he isn’t a fan of waiting on me to get ready. I tried to follow his instructions, but I snuck a few dabs of concealer when he wasn’t looking (100% necessary). We soon got in the car and headed to our favorite breakfast eatery…The Dixie Pig. Their biscuits and gravy are to die for. We pulled up to the deserted parking lot and realized it was closed. I think Ryan’s heart broke a little bit. We settled on IHOP instead, which wasn’t totally disappointing. I had pancakes (my second favorite breakfast food), Ryan had an omelet (eww.), and Rose enjoyed a spoon.
Later that day, my mom came over to hang out with the babe for a while so we could see Moonrise Kingdom. On the way there, Ryan bought me some candy and water…this guy knows me well. Other than one fairly awkward scene, the movie was charming and we both really enjoyed it.
We ended the day with our dear friends, the Zellners. They cooked an awesome dinner and let Rose try out their new swing set…she was a fan. It was hard to get a non-blurry picture, but you can see from the look on her face that she was one happy girl.

We bought new sheets the next day, and since the traditional 4 year gift is linen or silk, we’re counting that as a gift to each other. They are wonderful.



7 responses to “4 Years

  1. Cassie! We love Dawson’s Creek also,especially Jeff, and watched every episode our first year of marriage. Y’all are so sweet and fun.

  2. awww!! Happy 4 years!! Um, we watched every episode of Dawson’s Creek before FCA every week in high school. That’s when I secretly started to try to look as much like Katie Holmes as possible.

    Chewy sweet tarts are heavenly. and Ryan was really really sweet!! I love that Rose loves to swing! My kids hated it at that age so the park was kind of boring.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I have enjoyed reading the entire blog, and the PICTURES are the best–keep up the great work.

  4. i feel like i should jump on this dawson’s creek wagon. we didn’t have the cw when i was growing up, but my parent’s didn’t let us watch shows in which boys kissed girls because that would mean i would get pregnant.

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