The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Tyler and I decided to pack up the little lady at 9:45 pm the other night to run through the drive through at TCBY.  I love that place, and somehow Tyler does now, too. Sinclair was just smiling and talking to us the whole way there. She is so sweet and just the funnest girl. Now, on the way home, she got tired and was not so fun.

Sinclair’s first 4th of July was rather uneventful. I had great hopes it would be amazing, but it was just another day, another cute outfit. It was really great to have daddy home all day to hang out with us, though. We had our community group over for burgers, but it was too hot to even eat outside. I was rocking the girl to sleep as the fireworks were going off. Maybe next year she’ll enjoy this holiday!

This girl used to love tummy-time. I was so proud. Well, pride cometh before the fall. Now, she hates tummy-time and refuses to push her chubby little body up with her arms. If you know me at all, you know that this is stressing me out big time. We just do other exercises and hope she will someday not face plant every time she’s on her tummy.  What a stinker.

Although she does hate tummy time, she has recently been exploring the half roll over. She gets those legs to kickin’ and is just right on the verge of flipping over. What a big girl.

My little love bug likes to hold mommy’s hand- like adults hold hands. It’s the most precious thing. Somehow those chubby little fingers find their way in-between my chubby fingers and we hold hands. I love this and pray she wants to hold my hand for her whole life. Yes, even when she’s my age.

I mentioned last post that Sinclair has the most incredible smile. Here’s the proof. She is drooling and spitting all over the place, too. I try to tell her that is not very lady like but she doesn’t care. We sure do love this girl.


4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. For some reason when I read your posts, my eyes sting. Sinclair is so precious. I love the captions on the photographs

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