Meet the Biggs

My name is Hannah and I have a family.

I met my husband/best friend, Ben, in August 2003 at an HSU ice cream social. HSU stands for Hardin Simmons University. Don’t go there for college or you will have a million dollars in student loans like us and you will have to do Dave Ramsey for years and drive an ugly car like this.

Our Buick.


My sister introduced us for the first time. Ben was the hottest guy in Abilene Texas and also the sweetest. Before long we dated, broke up, got engaged, said, “I love you,” got married, and had some kids. He has a lot of new ideas and will probably invent something awesome really soon. He makes everything into an analogy. He loves the Lord and he loves me. Basically, Ben is a hard-working, fun-loving, good-looking, bad-A husband and father. He is also a great financial advisor.

Ben can grow facial hair really fast.

I am a pediatric nurse and I love my job. I love my other job, parenting, even more! Right now my kids are kind of my life but I try to do some things for my self!

I like hanging with these gals.

West is our son. He is almost 3. He has great hair; he got it from his dad. He has one volume…extremely loud. He has tons of energy and attitude and love. He is a daredevil and currently has a cast on his left arm to prove it. He literally runs and jumps all day and then crashes for 11 hours, wakes up and does it again. We like to share kisses: eskimo, butterfly, puppy dog and regular ones. We like to wrestle, run, talk, sing, build leggo towers, read, pretend, and hold hands. He amazes me every day. West is shy and openly admits so. He loves his sister and takes good care of her, except for when he sits on her and pulls her bows out of her hair.

Charlie is our 1 year old beauty queen. She is tan and I am very jealous. She is the best baby. From the day she was born she has always been a very good girl. Charlie slept in our room for almost 8 months and we barely knew she was there. When she was really little, she smiled and cooed and hardly ever cried. Now she smiles, talks, crawls, plays, and hardly ever cries. (Well, she does cry when her brother sits on her.) Recently, she’s started standing up by herself, eating nonstop, calling every living thing a “puppy,” and screaming when she doesn’t get what she wants. She waves at strangers everywhere we go. She kisses with her mouth wide open. She snuggles with anyone who holds her. She is incredible.

Betsy is our 2nd daughter who we never got to meet. I dreamt of her my whole life, prayed for her for years, carried her for 19 weeks, delivered her on May 10, and miss her every second. I know she is beautiful, extraordinary, and bursting with life. I love her beyond measure and long for the day I will hold her in my arms.

And that’s us.


8 responses to “Meet the Biggs

  1. I LOVED this!! Mainly because its 100% you and I love you! Better late than never ;) Your family is incredible.

  2. When I question how to raise Dex I often think, How would Hannah do this? You are an incredible Mom, wife and friend. I love your honesty because honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air. Please don’t change ever.

    A mini van? We need to talk…

  3. Awe…. I love this! I’m at work laughing out loud at the thought of Charlie’s descarfing, skinny girl margs and the never ending Dave Ramsey plan of pulling one out of financial woe. And now tears have puddled on my “brain” as I read about your precious Betsy June. I miss you friend and have enjoyed learning new things about the Biggs Familia. Hope to see you soon!! Like today at West’s party :)

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