Meet the Zellners

howdy! my name is tressie, and i live in a little town called abilene, tx with my hot husband chad, our loin fruit dexter lewis, and pup dillinger nelson. i am a 6ft tall mexican food annihilating libra with a penchant for dance (bootygrinding, to be specific) and a love for all things science and nerdy.

february 2012

my husband chad is 6ft 1in sci-fi enthusiast with a knack for fixing almost any gadget, finds computer coding ‘fun’, and knows his way around a camera. the kitchen too, really. oh! and he can play a bunch of musical instruments. i love him to the furthest stargate and back. *he and other stargate fans would understand this, and i only do because he tells me about it. i hope i didn’t mess the reference up*

february 2012

i met chad and the ripe ole age of 16 and we’ve been together for over 10 years now, married for 4. which is kinda crazy because thats a lot of growing up time. personality changes, life changes, mood changes, body changes. the only thing i would never change is our history, because we aren’t who we are without the history that precedes us. nope, not for all the tea in china.

july 2010

in september 2010 dexter was born and it was like getting glasses for the first time. instantly we saw people, places and things with a new found love and respect for how awesome/overwhelming it could be. we also understood why our parents were *cray cray* growing up and demanded to know where we would be, who we would be with, what we would be doing. we were not prepared for the love our heart feels for this kiddo. it’s amazin.

january 2011

july 2011

june 2012

poor dillinger has been in permanent sulk mode since dex arrived on the scene but we try and spice it up for him by going on dog only walks and letting him swim in the pool. now that dex can throw the ball for him, dill’s warming to the idea of having another baby in the house besides himself.

december 2011

in addition to being full time parents, chad and i get to work together everyday too! we have been partying up photographer style for around 4 years now shooting weddings, engagements, bridals, seniors, babies, families, and even some commercial stuff here and there… we love it. probably too much. i don’t think people that don’t love their job work 7 days a week for 11 months straight.

we started a garden in the hopes of teaching our child how to love the earth back. but his take on gardening mostly consists of eating dirt right now, but baby steps right?



6 responses to “Meet the Zellners

  1. Tressie I loved reading this!! Seriously this may have been one of the greatest ideas known to man. Your family is cute as buttons and it makes me smile just knowing I’ll get I see them this way once a week!!

  2. Y’all are so cool. I can’t believe y’all have been together for 10 years!! We should have a party.

  3. Tressie, you’re really good at blogging. And, Dex can play with Rose’s duck or eraser anytime.

  4. I love you. And I love your fam. And I am spending my afternoon reading your adorable blog and I am, again, in love.

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