Meet the Tracys

July 17, 2010

This is us almost two years ago. Tyler and I met through our mutual friend, Mandi, and became best friends before we dated. Tyler actually lived on our couch one summer- the summer we became friends, he made me laugh a ton, he snuck through my room and read my diary, and he eventually stole my heart.

I’m Meredith- but please call me Mere. I have been a middle school math teacher for five years, but will be staying home with our daughter next year. We’re still not quite sure how we’re going to afford to eat, but I could stand to lose a few pounds and this is what God is calling us to do!! I enjoy Christian rap, watching Netflix shows, dark chocolate, shopping at baby gap, and Jesus. I’m pretty sure I’m a true hypochondriac. I have a rather large scar on my left forearm to prove it (another post, another day).  Most of my google searches begin with “what should I do if…” or “is it normal if my baby…”. I’m trying to work through this issue.

My husband is Tyler, but if you met him between late 2009 and 2010 you probably know him as ‘Liam’. He changed his name on Facebook and it stuck for a good while. By far, Tyler is the funniest person on earth.  I laugh every single day being married to him. Now, sometimes I’m laughing AT him, but I laugh nonetheless. He sells insurance in Dallas. This man could sell anything really.  He could probably sell you the shirt you’re wearing right now. He’s that good. Tyler enjoys the finer things in life: Taco Bueno and beer. He is also the most honest person you will ever meet. He is terrible at lying. I, on the other hand, am rather good at lying. I’m working through that issue, too.

March 22, 2012

June 9, 2012

This is our daughter, Sinclair. She is the best thing we ever did. Well, technically God created Sinclair but, in His goodness,  has entrusted her to us. We feel so blessed to be her parents.  She is so sweet and getting so big. She has the most incredible smile.  God is using our daughter to make us better people- less selfish, more patient. You will be seeing and hearing a lot more about her in the future, I’m sure.

xoxo, M.

6 responses to “Meet the Tracys

  1. if you could cite your sources on that first photo please. ha. jk. seriously mere, your baby girl is adorable. and i think tyler should have a section on this blog called tyler’s corner. it might rival landra for funniest ever. i love you and your sweet heart. i’m happy to get to watch her grow up from afar.

  2. I got my gravatar account activated and I’m ready to fire away with comments. Beautiful family introduction. Who took that first picture, twopairphotog(raphy)?

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