Meet the Feerers

First of all, I know the name Feerer looks hard to pronounce, but you say it just like you’d say the word fear…super easy. Now, here we are:

This is me. I’m the mom (obviously). We had our baby in November, and a few months later I went back to work as a teacher. After about one second at work, I figured out that I couldn’t handle my baby being away from me all day, every day. It was awful. So, now I stay home with her. Being a full-time mom is a hard job, but the most incredible one I’ve ever had.

Ryan is my husband. He is a graphic design professor, freelance designer, and BBQ sauce maker. He is really good at all of those things, but he’s even better at being a husband and dad. He plays video games a lot too, but mostly he’s working, cooking my dinner, or singing to our baby girl (so sweet).

Rose is our daughter. She is perfect. Right now, she likes to chew on things. It really doesn’t matter what it is or how it tastes, she’ll put it in her mouth. A few other things she enjoys are trying to crawl, eating (I haven’t found a single food this girl doesn’t like), banging on things that make loud noises, taking long baths, and fake coughing. I spend most of my days laughing at her silliness.

Last, there’s Daisy. I know it’s weird that both our child and pet have flower names, but don’t worry, it wasn’t our fault. We adopted Daisy a few years ago, and she had already been named. We considered changing her name, but she was sort-of old and we thought it may be rude of us to do that to her. Daisy spends 98% of her life sleeping, and when she’s awake, she looks like she is about to sleep again. She also smells bad and has horrible allergies. Poor girl.


6 responses to “Meet the Feerers

  1. I love you little Feerer family. And, I love this blog. And, I love how we are the only ones commenting on our own blog.

  2. Awwww!!! I loveeeeedddd this!! Such incredibly sweet pictures and I can hear you saying every single word!! Precious times a million.

  3. Feerer’s, we love you guys. How lucky are we to have you live in our town AND want to hang out with us. The answer is lucky, lucky ducks. I’m sorry Dex steals Rose’s duck and eraser. We’ll work on that

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