Meet the Johnsons

I just googled, “how to write an about us”. I found a few good answers that I wanted to share…but then I didn’t know if I had to cite my sources. It all became too complicated so I decided to pretend that I came up with the “about us” questions all by myself.

Who are you?

We are Jeff, Landra, and Ross.

What do you do?

Jeff is a petroleum engineer…thank goodness for auto correct because I just spelled petroleum wrong.
I stay at home with Ross. Currently home for us is a hotel room.
Right now, Ross is taking everything out of our suitcase and tossing it on the floor. These are the kinds of things he does.

When did you start doing what you are doing?

Jeff and I married in March of 2006.
Jeff graduated from Texas A&M in 2007. But don’t worry, he’s not one of those crazy Aggie’s.
We had Ross February 28, 2011.

Where are you?

Ross and I moved to Denver yesterday, where I spent the whole day in bed because of food poisoning. Jeff has been here for two weeks. We moved here from Searcy, Arkansas, home of the Harding Bisons.

What do you believe?

We believe that Jesus is the son of God and our only hope.
I believe that mosquitos are obsessed with me.
Jeff believes in the anti-trend…I might have made up that word..I’m not sure. All it really means is that Jeff is not trendy and doesn’t want to be. I’m not trendy but do want to be.
Ross believes in frozen peas and frozen blueberries.

I would add a picture but I don’t know how.

Xoxo, L

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


5 responses to “Meet the Johnsons

  1. You are awesome, L. So is your fam. You made me a bit nervous to introduce my fam. tomorrow…great.

  2. Landra!! This was phenomenal! I learned so many invaluable things about your family! I am so excited about every word you write.

  3. what a neat blog. this post was very funny and informative. i can’t wait to read more!

  4. Landra. I love you and your family. So much. I think a special post from you on Monday’s is going to make the world go round for me. :)

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